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CupidOnDuty team is happy to welcome you at our website for real Cupids. It is created as a professional platform to share news, experience and inspire colleagues and friends of the dating industry. We will be happy to meet like-minded people and discuss fresh ideas.
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  • “Marriage Market” in Shanghai

    Are you bored with almost similar dating sites and online apps? Then you should go to Shanghai for the most unusual kind of dating.

    “Marriage Market” in Shanghai is a quite popular place, where you can find hundreds of announcements from the potential grooms and brides. Chinese people are very pragmatic in the question of marriage, so they specify in their profiles such important information as appearance and income level. Also there you can meet parents who literally “sell” their children, telling the most interesting facts about them and demonstrating their best photos.

  • – dating agency in Ukraine is the only representative of the international matchmaking agency It is the place where everyone knows what love means!

    Dating agency has been working since 2008 and has more than 100 successful couples. Distinctive feature of the agency is no any chatting, only real meetings. Main words for are privacy, professionalism and individual approach. The agency brings to life its motto “You will be loved” with a great pleasure!


  • Svetlana Mukha is a founder, leading matchmaker and dating coach at!

    Svetlana has 10-years experience in the matchmaking  and there is much to learn from her. She knows how to work even with the most demanded clients and is an expert in the classification of “cockroaches” in women’s heads. Svetlana is sincerely interested in increasing the prestige and level of the dating market in CIS, that’s why she gladly invites everyone to her new school for cupids. Svetlana’s greatest pride is her impeccable brand and fascinating team!


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