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Professional Cupids of Eastern Europe let`s get acquainted!
  • Popular blogger Conor Clyne

    We recommend to watch the video of popular blogger Conor Clyne with unexpected name “5 reasons NEVER to date a Ukrainian girl”.

    We used to hear that Ukrainian ladies are known worldwide by their beauty and femininity, that is a main reason why the dating agencies are so popular in Ukraine. Conor Clyne is an active traveler around Eastern Europe and he has a blog about its culture, traditions, local people and peculiarities. In this video he decided to lay the rest to rumor that dating with a Ukrainian lady is great. And what do you think about it?



  • Dating Beyond Borders

    There are lots and lots of various video blogs and it is quite difficult to find a really interesting and educational one. We recommend to free up some time and to watch

    Dating Beyond Borders is YouTube channel about relationships and love without borders. On this channel you can learn special character of relationships and people with different nationalities from absolutely different corners of the world.

  • On 20th of May, 2018 the most stylish festival for ladies took place in Kharkov, sponsored by!

    Kablook Fest takes place twice a year and gather the most beautiful ladies of the city. A highlight of the event is an obligated dress-code. This spring all ladies charmed with their black and white clothes and heels, of course. Watch the video how it was and don’t miss the next Kablook Fest this autumn.


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