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CupidOnDuty team is happy to welcome you at our website for real Cupids. It is created as a professional platform to share news, experience and inspire colleagues and friends of the dating industry. We will be happy to meet like-minded people and discuss fresh ideas.
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  • We have found a great blog with dating tips by Hayley Quinn, which will be useful for everyone!

    Hayley Quinn is a well-known and popular dating expert who gladly shares her tips with both women and men. Her blog will help to get more pleasure from the dates and will do the process of relationship make easier. And it can be a very helpful source of information for ones who are connected with dating strategy.


  • I’m with Cupid is a blog which title speaks for itself!

    Cupidonduty recommends to take a cup of hot tea and free up some time, because you can hardly stop yourself after watching several videos. I’m with Cupid is a blog about relationship with the Ukrainian ladies by foreign guy who went on three Ukraine Romance tours. He had numerous dates with the Ukrainian ladies before he has found his best half. Now he shares advices with ones who dream about a wife from Ukraine.


  • Cupidonduty recommends:

    5 best books about love and relationship, which everyone should read.

    • Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus by John Gray
    • The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman
    • Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man by Steve Harvey
    • Before she met me by Julian Barnes
    • How to make anyone fall in love with you by Leil Lowndes
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