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CupidOnDuty team is happy to welcome you at our website for real Cupids. It is created as a professional platform to share news, experience and inspire colleagues and friends of the dating industry. We will be happy to meet like-minded people and discuss fresh ideas.
Professional Cupids of Eastern Europe let`s get acquainted!
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    To build the international relationship is always a bit more difficult because of differences in culture, interests and life views. iDateAdvice was created for helping such couples to win the fears, to understand better their best halves and to feel themselves more confident. You will find numerous useful tips and advice on this channel



  • Dating Advice is an amazing international platform for everyone who is connected with dating industry!

    Also this site will be interesting for ones who simply want to know more about relationship and psychology. Dating experts from all over the world share advice and news with ladies, gentlemen and colleagues. Do you always want to be in the loop?

  • Новое видео от – это агентство, где любят и ценят каждого клиента, предоставляют качественную услугу премиум класса и делают все, чтобы превзойти ожидания.

    Но и в метчмейкинге иногда случаются такие сложности, как клиенты, которые сами себе строят преграды. Посмотрев новое видео Вы не только узнаете, как можно саботировать процесс поиска своей второй половинке, но и как вести себя в ситуации, когда Вы столкнулись с «требовательным» клиентом.


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