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  • 26 March, 2018
    2 hours
    Group up to 4 person or individually
    For cupids of any level


    Master class
    «How to work with demanding clients and problematic situations»

    – differences between the demanding client and the problematic situation

    – types of demanding clients and ways to please their needs while fulfilling your agreement

    – problematic situations and easiest ways to get out of them

    – the examples and discussion of demanding / problematic clients / situations

    – Questions / Answers

    During this master class you will learn the general types of demanding/ problematic clients and the distinctive features of their behavior, build the strategy of working efficiently with them. You will learn how to solve problematic situations while working with paying and non-paying clients and what is more important how to predict and prevent similar situations in the future.

    You will receive the Certificate by Cupidonduty (completing homework and following the internal rules is a must).

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Thank you. We'll contact you shortly.

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