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Top 10 Sexiest books ever
Top 10 Sexiest books ever
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Although it is believed that people read less these days, books are still an inseparable part of our life. Therefore, we have decided to discuss the sexiest books, which will make your imagination go wild, in our article.

Top 10 Sexiest books ever

Sexiest book #1. “The End of Alice” A. M. Homes.

This book tells us about an imprisoned pedophile who is in correspondence with a 19-year-old girl from the suburbs. In their letters, they write about their erotic desires. You will definitely like this novel as the author combines several genres in it: romance and horror. It is both enticing and thrilling at the same time.

Sexiest book #2. “Endless Love” Scott Spencer.

This novel about love between David Axelrod and Jade Butterfield is one of the most readable books of its time. David and Jane are so much in love that they are carried away with their desire and sexuality, which they do not understand. However, when Jane’s father bans the two lovers from seeing each other, David’s love turns into a nightmare. Anonymous phone calls, absurd messages and fears could have made David crazy, if he did not feel the love for Jade.

Sexiest book #3. “Portnoy’s Complaint” Philip Roth.

This book deserves to be on our list as it is one of the best and most controversial novels written by Philip Roth. It is an exciting and witty narration about the sex adventures of a young man, which start in his mother’s bedroom and finish in a psychoanalyst couch.

Sexiest book #4. “Interview with the Vampire” Anne Rice.

This vampire psychodrama has become the classics of the world literature. The story of a vampire’s life told by himself grips the reader from the very beginning of the book. His hypnotic voice telling about the life and non-life brings the reader to different places and periods. Can the creature of the darkness, the pure evil, love and hate, suffer and be happy, look for the answers to the age-old questions like mortals?

Sexiest book #5. “Crash” James Ballard

A famous TV presenter Robert Vogan dies in a crash. But no one knows that he had prepared the crash himself. Both for Vogan and his friends, who love unconventional sex games, sex in the car on the verge of a crash could not compare with any other ways of getting sheer pleasure.

Sexiest book #6. “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” D.H. Lawrence

Immediately after its release, this novel was banned from public and the whole circulation of the book was destroyed. Only 30 years later, after a mega-trial, which stirred up England, the novel was rehabilitated and since that time it has been one of the most popular and readable novels all over the world.

Sexiest book #7. “Fanny Hill. Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure.” John Cleland

This novel has long held the reputation of scandal and obscene book. It was censored in America until the trial in 1960, when it was granted an amnesty and recognized as a talented work of literature, which made no offence to the public moral. This story, told by a naïve small-town girl, who came to London and went through lots of adventures as a woman of pleasure to find her true love in the end, is written by Cleland with unprecedented sincerity. The reader is enveloped with the multiplicity of sensitive experience highlighted with gently ironical metaphorical style of the author.

Sexiest book #8. “Candy.” Terry Southern, Mason Hoffenberg.

This bold and deliberately obscene novel tells about the sex adventures of a simple girl, whose dream is to find true love. However, every step she makes brings her to tempting situations. Despite a seemingly simple plot, this book is definitely worth reading.

Sexiest book #9. “An American Dream.” Norman Mailer.

This novel written in 1964 is a revelation, which is like an explosion. The author’s style of writing will make your imagination boil on the fire of passion. Walking through the detective labyrinths and the rage of the sexual revolution make the book one of the riskiest creations of the author.

Sexiest book #10. “Lolita.” Vladimir Nabokov.  

If you have not read this book about the passion between an older man Humbert Humbert and a teenage-girl Dolores Haze (Lolita), you must do it. This novel is filled with philosophical ideas, though a reader unprepared literally may think that this book is sheer pornography and tells about the adventures of a sexual pervert.

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