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6 Dating Tips You Should Know By The Time You’re 30
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Being a 30-year-old person, you can state that you have learnt enough about life and relationship. However, the revision of the material can be very useful as it helps to refresh the knowledge and start using what could be already forgotten.  So, I have decided to remind you, my dear reader, of several dating tips you should know by the time you are 30.

6 Dating Tips You Should Know By The Time You’re 30

  • It is not necessary to dress up.

Of course, you must look good and can do something to your hair, wear a nice smart outfit that will make your lady gasp in amazement. However, going on a date, you can choose casual clothes that look good on you, the shoes that will not cause any pain to your feet, just dry your hair with a hairdryer at home and still have a good time.

There might be girls, who will not like the way you look because they see a date as a “palace reception” and want to meet a real king or queen, but… do you really want to be next to a person who cares only about looks? And what about sincerity, sense of humor, feeling comfortable together and having common interests?

  • You can leave at any moment, but…

The next of our dating tips has to remind that you have the right to stop a date if you do not feel that you want to continue communication. It is clear that we are well bred and most of us were taught to respect the interlocutor, however, if your conversation has been going for a long time, and you do not like the person’s behavior, or caught yourself thinking about what to have for dinner tomorrow, have a feeling that you must go, you literally must go. There is nothing bad about it, especially if you say something like: “Thank you for the evening, however, it seems to me, that we are not a match for each other.”

BUT… If you did invite someone to date or agreed to go on one, you must have had some reason like respect for the person. Therefore, it will be much better not to finish the date suddenly, but try make the best of the one that you are having. All in all, every person brings something to our life and every date is a «small life» itself, so you have to live it to the fullest and get the new experience, which you are given.

  • Learn to talk about money.

This is one of the dating tips that will definitely make you take any date easy. I do not offer to start your meeting asking who will pay for everything. However, you have to discuss the money issue.

There is not the only one correct solution to who must pay, but you can divide the payments: you can pay for the restaurant and the girl can buy the tickets to the cinema. If a girl offers to pay, show that you are a real knight and say that you will pay for everything.

  • Do not plan sex.

Despite some dating tips saying when exactly the best time for sex is – the third date, evening, morning, etc. – you must not get into making a schedule. Of course, you must have some plan of what you will do in case you both feel that you want intimacy, but keep in mind that sex is mostly a spontaneous thing; so be ready all the time and do not get disappointed if you have not made love this time, as the time for it might have not come yet.

  • Do not try to adapt to your date partner.

I am sure that among the dating tips you remember there is the one saying that you must not pretend. It is understandable that we want to make a good impression, seem funny, witty and interesting, but it is better not to imagine hobbies you do not have and tell about “better you”. If you want to feel relaxed and enjoy the date, just be yourself and if the girl doesn’t like you the way you are, you should not waste each other’s time.

  • There are no rules.

Usually dating tips tell you that there are some rules of how to behave and what to do during the date: a girl must come a little late to make a man nervous; a man must bring a big bouquet of flowers, you must avoid religious and political discussions, etc. Still, I want you to understand that the only rule you must follow is: “be respectful, feel comfortable and enjoy the date”. If you cannot do this, see dating tip #2.

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