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12 Ways to Know It’s Time to Break Up
time to break up
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Sometimes a couple comes to the point when they cannot go on staying together.  When does it happen and how to understand that it is time to break up? Read our article to find out.

12 Ways to Know It’s Time to Break Up

  1. The first sign it is time to break up is the lack of communication. When you started seeing each other you could hardly spend an hour without texting or calling each other.
  2. One of the constituent parts of every relationship is talking about your future. So, if you have no discussions about your common future, like where to spend a holiday, choosing the place to build a family house, what it will be like to see the old age together, etc., it is a sign that something is not right between you.
  3. The next thing you should pay attention to is how eagerly each of you wants to spend time together. If there is unwillingness to do something, e.g. go to the cinema, restaurant, walk together in the park, which you used to like at the dawn of your relationship, the best activity you can find is watching TV and it is good if you are together, not in separate rooms, it is definitely time either to start saving your relationship or to split up.
  4. It is time to break up when your small arguments grow into big rows. Now that your tiny fights have turned into a real war, in which the opponents know each other’s weaknesses and aim at them to hurt the partner, you should let each other go.
  5. Whatever your partner does in a way different from yours irritates you and your quarrels come like a bolt from the blue? If it is so, you are likely to have some offences, which poison your relationship and you will never look at your partner the way you used to.
  6. Quarrelling in public also shows that it is time to break up. Shouting at each other in front of people you do not care if anyone learns about your problems, which is a is a sign that you do not have respect for each other.
  7. You used to try to spend every spare minute together, beginning with morning shower, but now you are striving for independence. What you need is seeing your friends or even working overtime, anything is better than staying together more than necessary.
  8. The loss of trust is a good reason to think of breaking up, since trust is the basis for every happy relationship.
  9. Your partner’s upturned nose is not so cute anymore? Their laugh is not pleasant at all and sounds as if a squeezed bat is squeaking? You have changed the perception of your partner and this is when time to break up has come.
  10. When we start relationship, we become so sensitive and sexy. However, sexuality has disappeared, a woman does not even imitate an orgasm, a man does not care if she has had one. Sex has disappeared. And this is an evidence that you have to let each other go.
  11. You have different aims. People, who are in love with each other, can overcome any difficulties if they have a common aim. However, if SHE wants to start a family, while HE is career-oriented and wants to get back on his feet, nothing connects them and the best thing for them to do is to split up.
  12. Finally, it is time to break up if your relationship hurts you. Staying a couple is hard work, which needs effort, being able to forgive and compromise. However, if the crisis lasts for too long, ask yourself whether you are happy. Do you get warmth and comfort? If not, free yourself and your partner by splitting up.
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