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10 romantic places in the world
romantic places
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There are such places in the world, where the air is filled with romance. Do you want to know where they are? Read our article to find out.

10 romantic places in the world

Romantic place in the world #1. Paris.

Being the city of exquisite cuisine, the capital of fashion, and having many other faces, Paris is also considered to be the most romantic place on our planet. Here you can feel the breath of love and spend an unforgettable weekend with your beloved walking along Champs Elysees, eating in one of small cafes in the Latin quarter, or enjoying the breathtaking view from the top of the Eiffel Tower.

To make your visit to Paris even more romantic, you should stay in the hotel «Ritz», which is number one among lovers. This is where the Count and the Countess of Windsor, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Barton met.  

Romantic place in the world #2. Prague.

This city is literally filled with romance: antique castles and cathedrals, cosy restaurants and cafes, everything keeps the legends and love stories of the past.

One of the city’s most famous bridges – the Charles Bridge – is called the bridge of kisses. Moreover, it is believed that if you make a wish and touch the image of Jan Nepomucky, it is bound to come true.

Romantic place in the world #3. Venice.

Venice is one of the most romantic places on Earth. Moreover it is the birthplace of one of the most famous heartbreakers and adventurers – Giacomo Casanova.

Surrounded by numerous canals, Venice is filled with the sounds of music coming from cafes and restaurants; people selling venetian masks, Murano glass and sweets appear here and there; and of course loving couples enjoying the relaxed life of the most beautiful Italian city can be seen.

Romantic place in the world #4. London.

Although Britain may seem cold and unfriendly, its capital is one of the warmest places in the world as it is filled with love. You will definitely feel the romantic atmosphere having a meal in one of the river restaurants on the Thames river looking at London sights and enjoying light music.

To plunge into romance, you can also go to the green oasis of London – Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, have a cup of tea in The Ritz, look at the city from the London Eye, or have fun in one of numerous pubs and clubs.

Romantic place in the world #5. Neuschwanstein Castle.

Neuschwanstein castle stands high above a gloomy Alpine valley. The view from it is really breath-taking. It seems that the towers of the castle fly in the sky against dark-green spruces. If you come to this place, you will definitely feel like a prince and a princess from a fairy tale.

Romantic place in the world #6. Verona.

No other Italian city is as popular with lovers as Verona. That is because of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliette.

Verona breathes with romance and walking slowly along its streets, you can imagine how Romeo walked to his beloved Juliette, holding your hands come to the place where she lived, write a letter to Juliette and kiss under the famous balcony.

Romantic place in the world #7. Marrakesh.

This African city deserves to be among the best romantic places in the world as it is soaked with romance. Couples can spend all day walking along Medina streets, which make a sophisticated labyrinth, enjoying the smell of spices, or spend an evening in one of cosy and beautiful restaurants. Acrobats and dancers will add romance and make you feel a part of a fairy tale.

Romantic place in the world #8. Rio de Janeiro.

We cannot help mentioning Rio since it is the fertile land for romance with its stunning beaches, night clubs, bars and restaurants, which will suit any taste.

When in Rio, you must walk along Copacabana beach, pop in one of the local bars, drink a glass of cachaca and dance to the inflammatory rhythm of the samba.

Romantic place in the world #9. The Phi-Phi islands.

The Pho-Phi islands, situated not far from Phuket in Thailand, have become famous thanks to the film «The Beach», starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Isn’t it romantic to have a swim in a lagoon with turquoise and emerald water, framed with white sand and mighty rocks and watch an amazing sunset holding your beloved’s hand?

Romantic place in the world #10. The Maldives.

Have you ever thought of where the heaven on Earth might be? It is definitely here. Numerous coral reefs and caves, dense vegetation emphasises the pristine beauty of the place, while the local culture makes your stay unforgettable.

This place at the edge of the world, where there is no city noise and no signs of civilization, where exotic nature meets the endless ocean can surely be called one of the most romantic sites for lovers.

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