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10 Really Romantic Ideas for lovers
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No love relationship is possible without special connection between the two lovers. Unfortunately the routine makes us forget about romantic feelings and do not see our close person as the soul mate. If you do not want to lose the feeling that your relationship is special completely, you must bring romance to your life. How to do it? Just follow our advice.

10 Really Romantic Ideas for lovers

Romantic tip #1. If you want to have some romance at home, having a bath together is a good idea. If you have a spacious bathroom, you will face no problems with putting candles and flowers around it. Two glasses and a bottle of good wine, bubbly bath foam and light music will add to the romance of the event. If you do not have a very big bathroom, you could get a hotel room with jacuzzi. This will even add some extra emotions to the evening.

Romantic tip #2. How often do you give a ride to your better half in a carriage? Not very often, I suppose. So, riding a couple of kilometers in a horse-drawn carriage will take you to the early days of romantic love. Renting a carriage is not very expensive, still the route you will go along usually lies through quaint old streets of the town. Therefore, the spirit of the old ages and the unusual journey will bring you the best emotions.

Romantic tip #3. Is there a boat station near your house? Then you have a great and pleasant way to bring some romance to your girl. Hire a boat and be a real superman rowing. Women adore seeing men’s strong hands steering the boat. However, make sure you are fit enough to do it before going on such an adventure.

Romantic tip #4. Do you want to pay no money for romance? Then try to compose a poem devoted to your beloved. Learn it or write on a beautiful card and when the right moment comes, recite it with feelings. It does not matter if you do not know how to rhyme, the main and most important thing is that you will make it yourself, exactly for your ONE. You do not even imagine what a storm of emotions your creation will bring to your beloved.

Romantic tip #5. Become a child. Why not have some fun? It is a great idea to forget that you are grown-ups and let yourselves behave like 6-year-olds. Go to the fun-fair, take the rides, shoot in a shooting gallery and win a toy for your girlfriend, eat lots of ice-cream, i.e. remember your childhood.

Romantic tip #6. There is nothing better than spending time outdoors, sitting on a blanket covered with sunshine, listening to the insects buzzing and birds singing, drinking wine and having great time talking to each other. Is it already autumn? Make a meadow in your living-room. Take a basket, put a blanket on the floor, bring all the plants you have closer to it, open the curtains wide and… here you go. Welcome to the picnic.

Romantic tip #7. The best way to become closer is do something together. Draw a picture together, visit a master-class or make up a map of wishes. Dreaming together, discussing each other’s wishes, setting common aims is not only useful, but also helps your dreams come true. Organize a cooking competition. And even if your dishes will not be so nice, your “chef” game will end in wild sex, despite the flour spilled around the kitchen.

Romantic tip #8. Going to a restaurant talk to the waiter beforehand and ask to decorate your every order with hearts and your names. It is also a good idea to take a table outside, wrap up in a blanket. Order a band to play music for you, some fire-show or fireworks.

Romantic tip #9. Organize a fancy-dress party at home. Take out an old granny’s chest, combine its contents with some modern accessories like stockings and you will definitely have an unforgettable evening. Kids are not the only ones who like games and playing dress-up.  Grown ups also get excited with such activities.

Romantic tip #10.  Finally, play Truth or Dare. Prepare small pieces of paper with the most unusual tasks. For example, dance striptease, kiss you on the ear 10 times or dance chicken dance for you. Set your imagination free.

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