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How to flirt: best flirt tips
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Flirt is the most usual type of communication between a man and a woman. Some men are born with the skills to flirt, other have to learn it throughout their life. If you are one of those, who wants to learn, check or improve his flirting skills, our best flirt tips are for you.  

Before coming straight to best flirt tips, we have to define what flirt is. In fact, flirt is a game consisting of words, moves, looks and hints, which opens great opportunities for you. Mastering the skill of flirt you will be able to impress and attract people. A flirting man can both start any acquaintances as well as express his inner self, add more ease, romance and naturalness to the communication and, what is more, rise his interlocutor’s self esteem.

If you want to win a woman’s heart, you must flirt.

To do it effectively, you can use one of the following flirting techniques:

VISUAL CONTACT.  In fact, this is the base for any flirt. You have to make an eye contact with a woman you like and fix it for some time. It is not desirable to look down or have an official look (only in the girl’s eyes), let yourself something more zesty. You can look at the girl from head to foot, as if you are inspecting her, but be very careful and make sure that the girl does not get confused. Not to confuse her with your look, you have to win the girl’s trust with the playful way of communication and unobtrusive talks.

TOUCH. Touch is a very important part of flirt art. Frankly speaking, your flirting may result in nothing without touch. Unfortunately, many young men are too shy to touch the girl they like, which ruins their chance to organize effective flirt. So, what can you touch not to offend the girl? You could hold her hand, crossing the street, or her waist, opening the door in front of her. Moreover, you could hold the woman’s hand in yours when you greet her a bit longer than usual. Hug the woman when you meet her and this will tune your communication to positive notes.

TEASER GAME. Do you remember when you were a schoolboy? What did you use to do when you liked the girl? I doubt that you gave her flowers, sang songs or recited poems. What you did use to do is tease her pulling her nice ponytail or even hitting her. Believe it or not, but nothing has changed. Although the girl is already grown up, she still has the same vision of flirt. However now both of you understand what it leads to in some cases. The rules of a teaser game are simple: you must behave easy with the girl, sometimes like with your little sister, make jokes on her, but do not get beyond the limits, or you will spoil everything. All in all, what you have to do is create playful mood for you both and you will see the result you will definitely like.

To make these techniques work, you will also need to use all or some of the following best flirt tips we offer:

– flirt positively and be enthusiastic. Flirting people are usually self-confident and are not afraid to risk, which is really magnetic.

– start the conversation. The best phrase to do it is a usual «Hi.» (who would believe it?) Talk about what is surrounding you at the moment, ask HER a question, ask for help or ask her opinion about something.

– get pleasure. This is one of the best flirt tips too because your flirt will be effective if you are fun and easygoing. If you have any talent, like a good sense of humor or else, you must demonstrate it at its best.

– use accessories for flirt actively. Do not leave your house without any prop as it may help you start a conversation. The best flirt accessories are pets, unusual jewelry, perfume, a T-shirt with the name of the school or university you went to, a flashy tie, an interesting book or magazine.

– be the master of the house. Being at a party, try to behave as if you are the owner of the house, not the guest. Do not wait in the corner, but be hospitable to the people at the party.

– make the first step. Come closer to the girl you want to get to know, say something nice, make eye contact with her or just greet.

– listen. You have two ears and one mouth, so you have to listen twice as much as you speak. Train yourself to listen carefully as it will help you learn a lot about your interlocutor and know what to talk about.

– compliment your interlocutor. Let the woman you are talking to understand that you care about every detail in her. However, you must not lie. Be honest and sincere and this will give you good results.

– smile. This is the last of our best flirt tips, but a very important one. A smile is contagious and it also makes you look more attractive and open for communication. A smile lights your face and magnets people. Just try it!

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