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Best Inspirational Books for men
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Reading has always been considered one of the ways to get knowledge and relax. In this article we offer you a must-reed list of books which will not only teach you something, but also inspire for great deeds.

  1. “Life on loan”, Erich Maria Remarque.

We have chosen to include this work in our list of best inspirational books as the author creates it in such a way that numerous dialogues reveal the characters’ nature clearly and escalate the reader’s feeling of the fast moving life. Remarque asks the reader a question: what would you do if you had to die soon? Each of you will answer it in a different way. This is book must not be missed as it will make everyone think about the values in life.

  1. The Good Soldier Švejk”, Jaroslav Hašek.

War is a serious thing and you will hardly find many humorous books touching this topic. However, thanks to Jaroslav Hašek’s humorous creation we can see how stupid and senseless bloodshed is. He helps the reader to see the light and learn to distinguish between the real patriotism and fake feelings, which the good and the great use to make people sacrifice their lives for them.   

  1. “The Art of War”, Sun Tzu.

This strategy treatise has been a handbook for many military commanders and political figures since 5 B.C. when it was written. It is an essential book to read as it teaches you to be a strategist not only at the war scene, but also in real life. What made us include this work by Sun Tzu in our list of best inspirational books is its main idea – a good commander must not start the war and do whatever it takes to prevent it. Still, if you cannot escape a battle, be lightning, as long confrontation is harmful even for the winner.

  1. MobyDick, or The Whale, Herman Melville.

This classical book tells us a story about captain Ahav, who is ready to sacrifice his life in order to catch and exterminate the killer-whale, Moby Dick, which crippled him and killed many of the sailors at sea. This book tells not only about a man’s dedication to his values, but also about how obsession can ruin our life making the obsessed man and all people surrounding him suffer in the end.

  1. “For Whom the Bell Tolls”, Ernest Hemingway.

This novel is one of the best Hemingway’s works. It shows the tragic destiny of a young American, who came to Spain immersed in a civil war. It is a brilliant and sad story about love and war, true courage and self-sacrifice, moral duty and absolute value of a human life.

  1. “A brief history of time”, Stephen Hawking.

In his book, a famous British physicist tries to answer the questions, which are on everybody’s mind: how and why did Universe appear, what will its end be like (if it comes), etc. The author has written this serious book in such an interesting, gripping, and understandable way, that it has been one of best-sellers since 1988.

  1. “The Road”, Cormac Mc Carthy.

The novel “The Road” is the one that will definitely produce a lasting impression on you. Its plot is simple. After a disaster a son and a father go across scorched land to another part of the continent. The book is laced with deep, heart-breaking questions: is there a sense to live, if there is no future? Is there a sense to live for kids? This book deserves to be called one of the best inspirational books as it shows that everything in our life is relative; and even such notions as “good” and “evil” stop working and lose their meaning under certain conditions.

  1.  “Atlas Shrugged”, Ayn Rand.

This book is a fundamental creation which is definitely worth reading. It challenges the reader clearly illustrating what can happen to the world, in which people stop following their values and start longing for power instead.

  1. “Piano on the Beach”, Jim Dornan.

This book is one of those that will make you be under impression even after reading it. The author offers his vision of what a success is. One cannot disagree with his phrase that “a life can be called a successful one if it has been lived with sense”. In the book you will find the examples of what is meant by “a life with sense” based on the author’s experience.  

  1. “The Five Love Languages Men’s Edition”, Gary Chapman.

Any man is happy when his wife is happy. So, what is the secret of a happy marriage? The answer is simple: just speak your partner’s love language. Having read the book, you will find the key to happiness. “The Five Love Languages Men’s Edition” is among the best inspirational books around the world, thanks to which a lot of men have become happy in marriage using 5 ways to express their love:

  • Encouraging words;
  • Mutual time;
  • Presents;
  • Concrete actions;
  • Touch.

Find out which of these are most important for your better half and what she is waiting for from you. But before you decide that it is physical touch, read the book, which can surprise you with unexpected revelations about your wife and HER understanding of love.

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