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10 Offensive things that you should never say to a woman
offensive things
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Sometimes it`s so easy to offend a woman. It might happen that your compliment turns into insult. There are some phrases and questions for you would be better to avoid in a conversation with a lady.

Offensive thing #1

“Are your boobs real?” Don`t ask such questions in the beginning of relationship. First of all it’s not your business yet.

Offensive thing #2

”This is why women shouldn’t drive.” Such a cliché. Some women drive much better than men nowadays.

Offensive thing #3

“It is your period, isn’t it?” Do you want to say that she is not able to think clear during her period or her mood changes only because of it and you have nothing to do with it?

Offensive thing #4

”You should ask my mom how to cook.” Really? Do you want to be left without dinner at all or cook yourself? Better find another way to tell your sweetheart to improve her cooking skills. For example both of you could attend some cooking course. Then you can cook together what really brings together. Another plus is you will enjoy delicious dinners what you make together.

Offensive thing #5

”Are you going to eat all of it?” Woman translation of it will be “I think you are fat”. You will get in trouble immediately. The same will be with the question “Have you gained weight?”

Offensive thing #6

“You are overreacting as always”. It is the same as you tell her that she is not able to control her emotions or that for you it’s not so important as for her. Either way will be not good for you. If to the phrase “you are overreacting” you will add “calm down” I don’t envy you.

Offensive thing #7

“Can I kiss you?” Come on! Be a man, don`t ask such things, it kills the moment. Most of women don`t like when men ask the permission to kiss. Instead, you should create a romantic atmosphere and read the body language of your lady, she will give you a clue. Of course, if you have no idea if she wants to be kissed by you or not, it will be better to ask then.

Offensive thing #8

”My ex always did it.” Such a big mistake. You can`t win any conversation what starts with the words “my ex…” Forget all the girls you met before or at least not mention about them in presence of your new girlfriend.

Offensive thing #9

”It`s a man thing. You are not able to understand it.” It means you doubts her mental capacity and not only her but all the women, what is double offensive. Be very careful with such sayings. In some countries you can be sued for it.

Offensive thing #10

“How many men have you had?” It`s a very inappropriate question especially in the beginning of the relationship. Are you sure, you really want to know the answer? I`m doubting if you get one but the impression about you will be changed for sure. You are showing your insecurity.
Dear men think twice before saying something. I agree that sometimes it`s not easy to decrypt women’s way of thinking but try to avoid the sensitive topics and in no case compare your best half to another women.

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