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Where to find beautiful Ukrainian girls for marriage?
beautiful girls in Ukraine
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Many foreign gentlemen are seriously searching for beautiful Ukrainian girls for marriage. The beauty of Slavic women fascinates them and they are attracted to traditional family values and culture.

The main question is where to find them?

On the one hand there are so many dating sites and dating applications that it shouldn’t be a problem to find Ukrainian girls for marriage. On the other hand the quantity doesn’t guarantee quality.

Numerous bloggers, articles and videos scream about disappointing experience with the international dating sites. I have watched a video created by a gentleman from the USA in which he was complaining that all beautiful Ukrainian girls for marriage at international dating sites are not serious about relationship. To prove his words he has shared his “sad experience” with the world: he has met 19 ladies in 3 different cities during a 5 days trip. How was it even humanly possible to meet 19 people during such a short period of time I honestly don’t know.

When you start searching for beautiful Ukrainian girls for marriage it is important to be completely honest with yourself about true goals of your search

Are you really looking for a girl who can become your wife and the mother of your future kids one day? Or perhaps you want to have a fun refreshing dating experience before you decide to settle down? Maybe you just need to brush your ego and work on your self-esteem after the painful divorce? You shouldn’t be embarrassed of your true reasons. It is important that you know and understand your true needs. It is not healthy and not efficient to lie to yourself and to try to trick your own mind. For example, from time to time during the first interviews with potential male matchmaking clients I hear a long list of qualities and “components” the girl should possess, but when I ask a gentleman why he believes his best half should be exactly 17 years younger, 5.8 tall blonde with blue eyes and D cup size and what is more important why these “qualities” are so important for healthy relationship he can’t give me an answer. Is he truly looking for beautiful Ukrainian girls for marriage or is he trying to fulfil his sexual fantasies? Of course you can tell me that it is not a crime to be willing to combine accomplishing these goals. It is vitally important to really understand and accept your final goal: do I want to meet a person who can accept me, appreciate me, love me and invest her heart and soul into relationship or am I looking for a good time with a very hot girl or hot girls? Once you understand the final goal of your search you can choose the best method to search for the right lady.

International dating sites with provocative hot bikini models are not the best place to search for beautiful Ukrainian girls for marriage. They might be eye candies but they are not at those sites to find commitments. You might have more luck on Facebook, but it will require lots of your time and energy. You risk spending months contacting random girls on Facebook and every time it would be a shot in the dark. She might be married, not interested in international dating or relocating, she might have a totally different looks than her profile photo.  

So where to find Ukrainian girls for marriage? I have watched several dating bloggers who recommend asking your single friends (if you have any in Ukraine) to introduce you to their single friends. Well, I won’t be too surprised if your friends happily agree to play the matchmaker. Friends like setting friends up on dates. The problem is pretty often the only criterion your friends might have in mind while “searching” for your potential best half is the fact “she is single” which in their eyes makes her perfect for you.

I will share a story with you. My own mother has decided to play a matchmaker together with her friend who has a single son. My mom’s friend has complained that her son cannot find family oriented beautiful Ukrainian girls for marriage and he refuses to try a professional matchmaking service or join a dating agency. My mom told her that her other friend has a single daughter who might be just perfect for him. Knowing my mom and her friends I knew for sure that poor boy and poor girl just didn’t have a chance to decline the date.

It turned out I knew the girl who by the way has become my client so of course I have asked her how her date organized by the moms went. She told me that the boy she has met was really sweet and had beautiful chocolate eyes, but he was 5.7 while she is 5.9 and she was wearing really high heels during the date, which made their difference in height even more prominent. Also it turned out that he just got a new promotion so he has tried to invest all his time and energy into proving himself as a high quality professional and engaging into serious relationship was not something he really wanted or needed at that moment. He has agreed to went out with that girl just to please his mom because she wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. The girl told me that the date has made her feel really desperate, because it has proven that she perfectly falls in the category of beautiful Ukrainian girls for marriage. She was craving for love and commitments. She wanted to get married and have a family. Unfortunately her date was not on the same page.

So when you ask your friends to set you up on a date with someone you risk facing a huge disappointment.  Professional matchmaker conducts lots of interviews with beautiful Ukrainian girls for marriage and pays a huge attention at a long list of requirements and qualities that are so important for successful matchmaking process.  When your friends play the matchmaker they usually just try to think of someone who is not in relationship at the moment and this single fact makes this person “perfect” for you in their eyes.

While searching for beautiful Ukrainian girls for marriage always keep in mind the final goal of your search. Try to paint a picture in your mind of the future with your international best half. How are you spending weekends? What are you doing on Christmas? Do you have kids in several years and teach them how to play football or are you and your wife starting a family restaurant? Try to concentrate on your feelings. What do you feel while you watch her cooking traditional Ukrainian borsh for you, or maybe she is pouring wine and smiles seductively to you while you grill steaks outdoors? Be sincere with yourself and try to picture the real final goal. Does it really matter if she is blond or a redhead if she brings all those feelings in you that you are craving for?

You can try to find beautiful Ukrainian girls for marriage on your own or you can always hire a professional matchmaking service to make your search less time-consuming and more efficient. Just always be sincere with yourself about your true needs.

Svetlana Mukha, with love

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    Hi ,how are you , thank you for this site because will help me too much to find my second half And make family, I want really from my deep heart to get marry from Ukriane girl and live life as good condition , I hope to reply me quickly , because I have my business in another country and I can’t stay to much in Ukriane thanks agian and best regards

    11 September 2018 20:32
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    I love this site

    13 November 2018 03:23
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    I want to marry with Ukrainian girl

    4 February 2019 21:33
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