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What are women afraid of in relationship?
women are afraid of
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We all have fears. Some of us are scared of watching horror movies, others are afraid of falling in love with the wrong person. Let`s discuss what women might be afraid of in relationships.   

  • Women are afraid of being cheated on them. That fact leaves wounds on women`s hearts for forever and makes women (not only women I bet) feel frustrated.   
  • Women are afraid of being betrayal. You can say that the first and the second paragraphs are the same but there is the difference. For example, you can cheat on your lady with a girl from the bar whom you will probably never see again in your life and regret what you had done to your beloved woman. It will be cheating in that case.

If you meet a woman and keep seeing her regularly, even start to have some feelings to her, it will be regarded as betrayal. I wish no one experienced that in life ever.

  • Women are afraid of being dependent on men. Sometimes women don`t notice how they forget about their dreams and goals and start to support their beloved men to achieve their goals. I don`t want to tell that it is wrong but it`s very important for every person to have a dream and to do what he/she really loves to do. It`s very important for everyone to feel free and have a choice.     

  • Women are afraid of uncertainty. For ladies it`s necessary to understand that her relationship leads to something serious. In case it is a long- distance relationship, you need to tell your beloved lady a date of your next meeting even if it will happen in 8 months. It`s better to have a plan. She has to know what she is waiting for and for how long she has to wait.     
  • Women are afraid of losing interest to a man. Relationship needs lot of efforts from both sides. It`s a hard job to warm up the feelings all the time not to lose connection and chemistry with your sweetheart.  
  • Women are afraid of opening new sides in men. When you just move in together, you will find out some new characteristics in your best half. Sometimes it might be a total surprise. Try to be yourself from the first day to avoid surprises in the future.      
  • Women are afraid of repeating the story of her previous relationship. If a lady had not a very good experience of relationship in the past she would be scared of any sign that reminds her about that in her new relationship. For example, her ex used to watch TV all days long and almost didn`t spend time with her. So when you choose to watch TV instead of going out with her you will get a very strong reaction from her side.      
  • Women are afraid of not hearing “I love you” back. To say “I love you” is a big step for every person. It`s a brave move for a woman to say it first. She might spent nights and long hours doubting if it would be right to pronounce it first. Can you imagine her disappointment after not hearing it back?   
  • Women are afraid of settling with a wrong man. Another disappointment can be to realize that you spent one year of your life with the person who didn`t want to have children when she was dreaming about it for years already.
  • Women are afraid of loving man more than he loves her. It`s normal when one loves more than another in relationship. Of course, women prefer to have men who love them more than they do and unconditionally.
  • Women are afraid of opening up and trusting. Some women have trust issues because they were heart broken in the past. Other women just need more time to open up and show their souls. Don`t rush your beloved one, just be close and show her your love and care.  

Woman is fearless with the right man next to her. Be the right man for your beloved woman!

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