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What types of men use the matchmaking service?
matchmaking service
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To see a picture of a client of the matchmaking agency it is necessary to understand what the matchmaking service is and what its main differences from other branches of dating industry are. Matchmaking becomes more and more popular in Ukraine from year to year but unfortunately not many people realize how it actually works. There are quite a lot of agencies which claim that using their service you will get an excellent matchmaking and at the same time they suggest you to enjoy the communication with any lady from their open base. It is absolutely incorrect, because first of all matchmaking is offline service – there couldn’t be any chatting, video calls, etc.

A client of the matchmaking agency is always provided with privacy

You can never find an open base (both male and female) or any other photos of couples on sites of the prestigious matchmaking agencies.

Matchmaking agencies provide an individual service and introduce people for serious relationship and marriage

That’s why such agencies organize only meetings in person.

Professional matchmaking agencies of high quality have a good reputation and are well-known not only locally because of participation in different international conferences, alliances and other events. So a client of the matchmaking agency can easily trust it.

Unfortunately the reputation of dating agencies in Ukraine leaves much to be desired, it is the reason why quite many people are afraid to apply to them. While in other countries to have a personal matchmaker is very prestigious and tells a lot about your status.

Matchmaking agencies always value their reputation as it usually takes many years to earn it, so to provide perfect service is highly important. And if you want to make the process successful, you should know with whom you are working and what his main features are.

So a client of the matchmaking agency is:

  • With serious intentions. On the sites of the matchmaking agencies you haven’t got the opportunity to choose from thousand profiles filtering them out by hair or eyes color, height, weight, shape of the eyebrows or breast size. The choice of potential matches is always done by the professional matchmaker responding to your past life, interests, hobbies, way of life, etc. So only man who understand that inner world of the lady and their compatibility between each other are much more important than her hot looks on photos applies to the matchmaker. Because a client of the matchmaking agency is looking for a wife and not just for the bright spending of time.
  • Successful. It is not a secret that matchmaking is rather more expensive than other kinds of dating industry. First of all it is an individual service of high quality, then a lot of staff is included into the process. The professional matchmaking agencies usually have psychologist, recruiter, manager, several interpreters, personal driver (so the client doesn’t have to think about his movement around the city) and, of course, specialists who respond for the promotion of agency. So man applying to the matchmaker is always successful, he is looking for a good service and not for a low price.
  • Goal-oriented. A client of the matchmaking agency always knows what he wants. As we’ve said before a man who applies to service of the professional matchmaker is a successful person, he can occupy high-level post or have his own business, so he is busy person who doesn’t have a wish to waste his time on dating sites on the endless correspondence. Such man wants to find his best half, his wife and his attitude to the process is always serious.

The most important thing – a client of the matchmaking agency trusts his matchmaker, so you should never forget this famous quote “We are responsible for those we tamed”.

With love

Alyona Koltsova, leading manager at

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