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Types of single men to avoid. Dating fears of Ukrainian ladies
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Many Ukrainian ladies consider international dating because they either are tired of competition with other beautiful smart Ukrainian women or they got frustrated and disappointed in local dating and available local types of single men. Of course there can be numerous other reasons: her best friend has married a gentleman from another country and now she wants a similar guy to herself; she feels attracted to a western/eastern culture; she is in the “risk group” of ladies for whom it is extremely complicated to find the right partner in Ukraine (certain age groups, status, etc.). Also many ladies tend to believe that international dating is more romantic and by searching for a best half abroad they get a chance to have a “romantic adventure of their life”.

This doesn’t mean though that Ukrainian ladies find all types of single men appealing. There are more and less desirable groups and countries of origin of the international single men.

Of course the entire “international dating adventure” can turn out to be a really bittersweet or even dangerous experience depending on the types of single men the lady has chosen to date. There are many articles in the Internet about unlucky Ukrainian and Russian brides who were searching for love, romance or just  “better life” and ended up becoming victims of home violence, lies and sexual abuse.

Let’s talk about the types of single men Ukrainian ladies try to avoid

while choosing international dating

  • Sex tourists

Many Ukrainian ladies have this fear that their foreign Prince Charming is just a sex tourist who has travelled to Ukraine to get sex and fun and he is not interested in serious commitments. Many Ukrainian ladies have seen these types of single men “dating” in Ukraine: a 75 years old gentleman having a dinner at the same expensive restaurant with a new 22 years old “date” every evening.

  • Polygamy

This is a wild spread fear of many Ukrainian ladies. Unfortunately certain types of single men who travel to Ukraine to meet their best halves already have other “best halves” back home or at other countries. If you get married in Ukraine they don’t put a stamp into the American passport of the groom and he gets his marriage certificate as an additional document. What prevents him from marring another lady lets say from the Philippines? The authority of the Philippines won’t check official registers in Ukraine, China or Russia, will they?

  • Storytellers

Many Ukrainian ladies have their doubts that their international Prince Charming is 100% sincere with them. While he is in Ukraine he can claim he is an astronaut, surgeon, professional baseball player. Of course a Ukrainian lady can Google her date, but sometimes it is tricky. He can tell her that he is a secret agent, works for FBI, he is like James Bond or Captain America, so he can’t have Instagram or Facebook account like “normal” people. And the lady won’t have any other option than to believe her date unless his stories become way too unrealistic. Of course if the relationship progresses and she and her foreign date decide to meet in his country she can see the confirmation with her own eyes, but is can be months before he invites her over. Certain types of single men are so good at spreading lies or half lies that a lady really has no chance to find out if it is real or not unless she actually travels to his country and meets his friends and family. And pretty often a lady can spend weeks and even months listening to lies and never finding the truth.

  • Serial daters

Many Ukrainian ladies have already been burnt by some types of single men and serial daters in their opinion is a most popular and least appropriate for serious relationship. Such men manage to date 15 different ladies during their 5 days vacation in Ukraine! Not only such men have dated in Nikolaev, Ukraine, but they also have already dated in Kiev, Odessa and Poltava. Unlike sex tourists, serial daters can truly believe that they are searching for their soul mate and have “serious intentions” at the beginning of their search. They just want to find the “best” lady because they “don’t believe in divorce”. And this is the “reason” a serial dater has been on a 105 dates within last 2 months. Unfortunately for their dates serial daters like the process of dating and the illusion of endless choice too much to even consider getting to know a lady in front of him properly. He is just in a hurry to get to a three new dates on the same night.

  • “I will be back” type

Many Ukrainian ladies have this fear that after several fantastic dates their new love interest will return back home and she will never ever hear from him again. Unfortunately there are types of single men that truly leave Ukrainian ladies disappointed and insecure. “I will be back” type is one of them. Everything was so great and promising while dating in Ukraine, but after she has seen him off to the airport he has never texted or called as he has promised. Perhaps he has changed his mind / was captured by aliens / has decided to become a monk. She will never find out.

Dear gentlemen, if you want to win a heart of a very special Ukrainian lady make sure she has no reasons to suspect you represent one of the described types of single men. Don’t give promises you cannot keep. Build your acquaintance with a beautiful Ukrainian girl on mutual honesty and realistic expectations. And of course don’t forget, if you kiss the Ukrainian girl – make this kiss memorable, because you will be representing the whole country! : )

Svetlana Mukha, with love

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