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How to work with male clients of the matchmaking agencies?
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Almost every area of human endeavor includes cooperation with clients. All brands are created for the clients’ attraction and meeting their needs. That’s why every company of any business direction must realize that the client is the goal of work, its part and the dearest guest. A client of the matchmaking agency isn’t an exception. Daily choice by the client influents directly on the company’s growth, development and survival on the market.

Matchmaking is basically like any other sales, the only difference is that you sell not things but feelings. Sale of the goods or services is always a complicated process where many theories, schemes and technologies exist. But essentially each brand has its own pattern of work with the clients. The key is to create the unique system of principles and standards, which will always be applied by the representatives of your brand. Each client of the matchmaking agency must get the same level of service.

In this article we want to suggest you several main principles of working with paying male clients of the matchmaking agency

  • The client shouldn’t be betrayed. This apparently obvious fact sometimes doesn’t work in the dating industry of Ukraine. Because of it you should work hard to create your reputation and to earn the client’s trust. If you decide to become a matchmaker, you should never forget that you are working with the most precious things of human being – destiny, soul and feelings. The client trusts you his future life and less you can do, to be worthy of his trust. If you understand that you haven’t got a lady in your base who has blond hair, blue eyes, can dance Polka, plays saxophone and speaks English fluently, don’t promise to your client to find such lady. The fraud always compromise the reputation of company. One swindled client of the matchmaking agency can leave a stain on the reputation not only of your company but the whole dating market.
  • You should do everything to exceed the expectations of your client. It is the most reliable guarantee that your brand and your reputation will raise due to positive feedbacks and rumors. There is a statistic that 40 new persons  find out your brand by virtue of feedback of one client. And it fully depends on your work whether the review will be positive or negative. You should never forget that a client of the matchmaking agency is always VIP, he waits for the service of high level, he deserves it and he will be happy and thankful if he gets even more. Thankful and satisfied clients are equal to the reputation of your company and the reputation of your company, in turn, is equal to its development and success. “The key is to set realistic customer expectations and then not to just meet them, but to exceed them – preferably in unexpected and helpful ways” –  Richard Branson said and was totally right.
  • You should believe in your brand and choose it by yourself. Imagine that you are looking for the professional matchmaker…would you choose your company? You need to abstract, become impartial, analyze the market and answer this question honestly. If you hesitate with your answer, you should think about your mistakes, correct them and improve your company. You and each representative of your company are the main layers of your brand who are the reliable defendants of company’s pride and reputation even in the most complicated situations.

Each client of the matchmaking agency is a unique individual with the definite needs and expectation, so you should never forget that matchmaking is an individual service and you can’t mix it with another kinds of dating to make the process successful.

With love

Alyona Koltsova, leading manager at

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