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The difference between matchmaking and online dating agency
стратегия в работе брачного агентства
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In our modern busy life with the rapid pace it is difficult to find time for parties, meetings and events. That is one of the main reasons of fast development and growing of dating industry, if we speak about local introductions. But it is worth to separately concern the international dating service, which main goal is to find Ukrainian/Russian/Philippine wife for men from abroad.

There is a real abundance of different agencies and sites with completely different standards of work or with absolute lack of these standards. If you decide to devote your life to dating industry, it will be highly important to understand what direction of work is appropriate for you, where you feel comfortable yourself and responding to these factors choose your niche.

As matchmaking becomes more and more popular many representatives of dating industry are trying to turn their dating service into this nice and charming word hardly understand what it means.

So in this article I decided to tell you about the main differences between matchmaking and online dating agency

  1. Matchmaking is only offline service. The professional matchmaking agencies of high level never suggest their clients to have some chats or video calls before meeting in person.
  2. Clients of online dating agencies can spend on their sites long years. While matchmaking is the dating service where the time is limited. You can’t prolong your work for a year or two, the matchmaking process normally takes around 3 months (including the first interview with the matchmaker, signing of the agreement, searching of the potential matches and coming to your country for the dates).
  3. As matchmaking is VIP service it is used by men of high class. They are usually the ones who occupy high-level posts or have their own business, sometimes they even can be some public or famous persons, so they cannot allow their photos appear on dating sites and privacy is one of their obligatory requirements. That’s why the prestigious matchmaking agencies never have an open base (both male and female).
  4. Online dating agencies mostly earn money on chats and video calls, when a client is on the other side of screen, so the percent of success isn’t much important for them. While in matchmaking each successful introduction improve company’s reputation.
  5. Matchmaking provides an individual service in contrast to a client of online dating agencies who should everything do by himself.
  6. Any high-level service or goods can’t be cheap, so the price of matchmaking is certainly higher than the price of online dating service.
  7. Matchmaking service always includes coaching both for the ladies and gentlemen. The international and long distance relationship often has more troubles and misunderstandings than the local ones, so advice of the professional matchmaker will always be useful to stand against these issues.
  8. Online dating service has a great opportunity of choice, there are thousands profiles of the ladies of different ages, appearance, education and interests while the professional matchmaker chooses by himself the potential ladies for a client according to his lifestyle, family values, plans for the future and, of course, preferences.
  9. Post service Successful introduction isn’t the end of work of the professional matchmaker. Matchmaking should includes post service, starting with the organization of surprises for the ladies while a man isn’t nearby and finishing with the preparation of documents for emigration.
  10. It is highly important for the professional matchmaking agencies to participate in the international dating events, to be a member of the matchmaker alliances and attend dating conferences. Each award has a positive impact on the company’s reputation and raise the clients’ trust.

And don’t forget that to mix matchmaking and online dating service is a bad idea to achieve success!

With love

Alyona Koltsova, leading manager at

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