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Downsides of dating sites in Ukraine
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It is not a secret that dating service in Ukraine attracts a high number of foreign men, that’s why it is very popular business direction there. Unfortunately high demand sometimes causes a drop in the standard of service. Of course, we don’t want to claim that all dating sites are frauds and just trying to extort money from navy foreigners, but let’s face it – some Ukrainian “businessmen” consider dating not like helping people to find their best halves, for them it is a good way to earn money.

Nevertheless, each service has its advantages and disadvantages and dating service in Ukraine isn’t an exception.

In this article we will review the main downsides of Ukrainian dating sites

  • Fake profiles. The main way to draw attention of male clients to dating sites is an abundance of profiles of beautiful hot ladies, a lovely general picture, so to speak. I suppose that every attractive lady receives from time to time the suggestions from different marriage agencies to have a free photo shoot without any obligations, it means that she won’t have any connection with her profile on the site. All chatting are conducted by interpreters (sometimes it can be even a male student who has decided to earn some money).
  • Scammers. Another big problem of dating service in Ukraine are scammers and this thing really hurts the reputation of whole dating industry. But it is a bitter truth that some ladies spend time on the sites not for finding their best half, but to benefit from getting expensive gifts or money support.
  • Open bases. It is difficult for the users of dating sites to go unnoticed because of the open bases. So if a man doesn’t want his colleagues, friends or ex-wife find him on online dating platform, such sites won’t be an appropriate choice for him.
  • Age incorrectness. Time flies on the dating sites and a person can never know how much time he or she will spend there. Sometimes it occurs that a man can chat with a lady for many years and never meet each other. Online dating service in Ukraine never gives any time terms while in the matchmaking, for instance, a client always knows approximately how long the process will last.
  • Success rate is very low. Unfortunately, the percent of successful introductions on the dating sites is very low and it is not a secret for ones connected with this business area that it’s not so important for these sites to create the successful matches, the site’s owners are usually more interested in attraction of so many foreign men as possible and after that keep them on the site as long as they can.
  • Plenty of choice on the dating sites is a real problem too, although it is very attractive for a plenty of men. They enjoy the time scrolling the hundreds of site’s pages and searching their special lady. But in fact they don’t realize that it is difficult to set the priorities seeing the thousands of profiles of absolutely different ladies and as a result they spend years and years on such sites.

All these issues of online dating service in Ukraine create one main big problem – bad reputation, which has the influence on the whole dating industry of the country

Seth Godin, the American entrepreneur and economist, has said the next phrase “Earn trust, earn trust, earn trust. Then you can worry about the rest”. It would be great if each representative of dating service in Ukraine followed this rule and worked on reputation of dating market.

With love

Alyona Koltsova, leading manager at

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