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It’s no secret that  marriage agencies in former USSR work with men  as paying clients and with women on non-paying base. In USA, Western Europe and even in China women are majority of paying clients in matchmaking or dating companies.

During last few years this trend has been significant in former USSR. The progressive dating and coaching companies began to specialize in working with women as paying clients of marriage agencies.

Working process with Ukrainian girls as female clients of marriage agency in Ukraine based on modern western approach isn’t suppose to take a free photo shoot just to make sure she’ll join your female base. This old-fashioned way isn’t an option nowadays in reputed marriage agencies.

Meanwhile psychologist, dating coach, personal matchmaker, imagemaker are working with Ukrainian girl even if she isn’t a paying client but is prepearing to meet a man.

Professional psychologist of the marriage agency, leading recruiter of Ukrainian girls into female base of – Alesya Balichenko and the leading matchmaker of – Svetlana Mukha will share the experience of recruiting Ukrainian girls to the marriage agency, and most importantly how to work properly with them.

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