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We believe that main purpose of real cupid is to provide high-quality and effective matchmaking service. Top-notch matchmaker knows how to bring love to people, to connect hearts, to acquaint people and help them to improve their romantic life. This blog not only helps to answer the question how to open a marriage agency but also how to improve the work of the existing one.

We know perfectly well that working with such subtle matters as feelings and sympathy requires high working capacity, faith in humanity and a great desire to “bring love to humanity”.


High-quality professional skills, which include a high level of theoretical psychological knowledge, a clear understanding of the principles of dating coaching, professional matchmaking ethics as well as solid understanding the construction of business processes are also needed.

We believe that old-fashioned marriage agencies from early 00s aren’t good enough nowadays and useless for their male or female clients as well as owners and employees.

This blog is created for sharing expirience, thoughts, discussing new trends. Our goal is to improve existing level of matchmaking service.

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